Have you ever wondered, why one day you feel great, and just few days later you seem to be much weaker without a clear reason? Or why you could be stone-cold sometimes and soon after single word can bring you to tears? Maybe it crossed your mind, that on occasion you seem to be briliant, and then you couldn't solve a simple puzzle? There might be a reason for that...

It is said, that on the day we are born, we start to be under an influence of biorhythms. They alter the way our body feels, how we deal with emotions and even play a role in our brain potential. By moving up and down repeatedly they change our behaviour without us knowing, that something we want to do is generally a good idea... but not today!

What can you do? Be aware of them and check what are your biorhythms today. Contrary to popular belief it's not when they are at minimum may be bad for you. It is when they are close to 0 - especially when going up!

* * *

You may use the knowledge of your rhythms as a huge advantage. Knowing when are the best days to start something in the area of your body, emotions or intelligence may be crucial. Just by knowing someone's date of birth you can check if your bios are same that day. And wouldn't it be great to know which VIPs (like movie stars) are like you today?

Well... now you can

Enter your birthday and check